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Beach City Staples: Sandwiches to Eat by the Sea

What should you eat in beach cities around the globe? When it comes to takeaway food, consider the humble sandwich.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson On Traveling, Fish And Fatherhood

The New York-based celebrity chef talks about his new Montreal dining spot, where he likes to travel, and what his young son eats.

Why Canada’s Yukon Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

If soaring over glaciers, fishing on turquoise lakes and watching the northern lights are on the wish list, we know the place for you.

No Roads Lead to Canada’s Northernmost Brewery

Nunavut's remote location and complex alcohol laws were just the beginning of the struggles as Canada's northernmost craft brewery prepared to open.

Mindful Eating on the Road to Relaxation: An Edible Vancouver Island Road Trip

Why not make vegetarian-friendly eating a part of your journey across Vancouver Island?

IHOP Over Idaho

On a mother-daughter road trip, a foodie mom confronts her fast-food demons.


First Place, Best Family Travel Feature, Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC) Awards, 2017.

The Week the Earth Shook

A guidebook writer on assignment in China when the Sichuan earthquake struck takes comfort in the sights and sounds of daily life.

Homestay Sweet Homestay

For traveling families, homestays offer not just a place to sleep, but also an insider's look into another community and culture.

Double Life of Virgin Gorda

This yachtsmen's paradise is also a family playground.